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City symbol

Symbolism of Lutsk session approved the decision of the town council of 23 August 2007.
City Symbols are the property of the City Council, its use only with the permission of the owner. Seal of Lutsk is for informal use (binding letters "freeman", diplomas,letters of greeting, gratitude, etc.).

Description of the city of Lutsk

In a board with rounded bottom (so-called Spanish) in a gold box silver stamp the figure of St. Nicholas in full episcopal attire, bare feet. Main color in gold episcopalinsignia - nimbus, crook, and yepitrahil Gospel. In the right hand of St. Nicholasholding a crook in a Protective shestyramennoho (patriarchal) cross, whichsymbolizes the victory of Christians over the forces of the east, and protection againstinvasion moramy, conquering the forces of nature. In his left hand he holds an openbook, symbolizing the Gospel, God's protection forces and protected the sciences.Bare feet symbolize the mythological function steward weather and water elements.
Symbolism of color:
Red tint - courage, bravery and prowess, the blood shed for the faith.
Gold - generosity, justice, goodness, gentleness and spirituality.
Silver - wealth, innocence, beauty and sincerity.
Gold with red - will, stability, independence.
Silver with red - courage.

Description of the flag of Lutsk

A rectangular panel with an aspect ratio of 1:1, divided into four equal parts. The topof the flagpole and the lower edge - red. Two other parts yellow. At the top of the flagpole (red) part - silver (white) Volyn cross. Gonfalon combined into one colorsymbolism of the city of Lutsk and Volyn.

Description seal Lutsk

Form a seal is round, diameter 50 mm. In its center there is the arms figure of St. Nicholas - the patron saint of the city, circle the word "SEAL Lutsk.