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The network of Lutsk cultural institutions includes 12 libraries merged into a centralized library system, the Palace of Culture, 2 houses of culture, 2 clubs, 3 music schools and 1 art school.

Activities of cultural institutions are aimed at the strengthening material-technical base of establishments, the introduction of new information technologies, the expanding services and improving their quality, the preservation and popularization of national cultural heritage, the promotion of Lutsk, the development and support of talented children and youth.

The city has accumulated an extensive experience in cultural and artistic events, cultural links are established at the international level, the activity of amateur groups is also stable, 10 of them have the status of the "national amateur", 1 - "exemplary". These include dance group "Volynianochka", brass band, folk dance group "Volynianka",  folk instruments orchestra "Volynianka",  folk music ensemble "Volynianochka", ballroom dance group "Yunist", pop orchestra "Mehapolis", choirs "Posvit", "Podvyh", "Zlahoda", "Dzvony Holmshchyny".       

Informational centers of the city are library institutions assisting nearly 39,000 of Lutsk citizens. Library’s information arrays foundation numbers 479,700 copies of books, newspapers, magazines and electronic media. Guests have the opportunity to use Internet services in the Children’s central library, in the Adults’ central library and in the library-branches № 5, № 6, №7, № 10. Such projects are realized in the city’s libraries: "Internet for the readers of the public libraries LEAP-IV», «Internet for the readers of the public libraries Connekt-II», «LEAP-2010: computers and software updating for successful Internet centers". Every year during the summer holidays a program for the children-users "Library – the territory of childhood" is implemented.

Over 2000 students get out-of-school education in Lutsk schools of aesthetic education, with approximately 500 receiving tuition support. These students are active participants of international, national, regional and local creative competitions and festivals.

The brightest cultural and artistic projects are:


- International Festival "Polissian Summer with Folklore"


- Ethno-festival "Christmas in Volyn Family"


- Art show "Night at the Lutsk Castle"


- Film festival "My City - My Life"


- Festival of the bell art "Volyn Blagovist "


- Festival of the medieval culture "Sword of the Lutsk Castle"


- Festival of blacksmithing and floral art "Straw Bird"


Traditional are: the competition of the Native plays and Christmas performances "Merry Christmas", the festival "Christmas Chants", the ballroom dance festival "Christmas stars", the children’s creativity festival "Lutsk Young Talents", the children’s exhibition-competition "Easter egg dreamland", the city festival of the puppet clubs "My Little Theatre".


Cultural sphere services are provided by the regional public utilities: 


-Volyn Regional Philharmonic


-Taras Shevchenko Volyn Regional Academic Music and Drama Theatre


-Volyn Regional Academic Puppet Theatre


-Ivan Stravinsky Volyn State College of Culture and Arts


-Olena Pchilka Regional Universal Scientific Library


-Youth’s Regional Library


-Children’s Regional Library


-Volyn Local History Museum


- Volyn Icon Museum


-Art Museum.